Planting the Seeds

Life is series of coincidental events in my opinion. And of course, luck. The more we try to control it, the less sense it seems to make. This isn’t as much for you as it is for me, trying to convince myself it’s okay to not know and just be. So here it goes. Finally, for me.

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26 for 26

I am officially an adult. though quite possibly not an adult at all. As my new writing-Goddess inspiration Ms. Pooley suggests, perhaps “Adulthood” is a mere state of mind rather than an event set by time. However, I’ve been officially kicked off my father’s Health Insurance plan and have had to find my own meansContinue reading “26 for 26”

Perfectly Un-Perfect

It’s the eve of my 26th birthday and I’m feeling oddly emotional. Not in a weepy way, or smiley way, or even a disgusted-at-aging way. I’m not anticipating some grand event that’ll blow me away, but I’m not expecting a solo sob-fest either. I honestly don’t know what I’m feeling in name, but it’s definitelyContinue reading “Perfectly Un-Perfect”

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